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하남출장샵 -[카톡:ym85] Style Icon in Indonesian Smartphone Industry(JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 18, 2018 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) Today, Honor, the leading smartphone e-brand, officially introduced the new Honor 9i in front of over 300 media, KOLs, and fans in Jakarta, Indonesia. With the 부산출장업소 concept 구리출장안마 of “Beauty All Around”, this budget smartphone is equipped with a magnificent and upgraded mirrored glass design that will disturb the whole 전주출장샵 smartphone industry. The launching 밀양오피걸 of Honor 9i that follows the overwhelming global market success of Honor 9 Lite and 순천출장업소 Honor 10 is a part of Honor’s strategy to become one of the top three smartphone brands in Indonesia in the next 나주출장업소 three years.